The Mead Master Makes Beer For The First Time

As you read in the last post Patrick, John, and I (Philip) made our first beer in the Danger Shed. I am well versed in mead homebrewing but have never brewed beer and boy was I surprised by the amount of work that went into it compared to mead!

Brew day for mead only takes me about a 1-3 hours to do. Brew day for beer took us 8 hours! But I had so much fun and found a new love for brewing through it!

Two men brewing beer

Typical Brew Day For Mead

On a typical day for any brewer the first thing to do is clean and sanitize your equipment. Nobody wants to throw away five gallons worth of brew!

After cleaning, I make what is called a must which is equivalent to a mash for beer. I add my honey, water and yeast – then stir it up, cap it, and add an air lock. Then let it sit away! 1-3 hours and not much heavy work.

Glass of mead sitting on the floor

First Brew Day For Beer

The day started at 0900 or 9 am. on a Saturday. We started by cleaning the equipment like a mead day but this is where similarity ends.

Patrick has some high tech equipment that uses pumps, pipes, tubes and valves. I was overwhelmed at first but luckily Patrick was there to guide me. As the equipment was cleaned we started putting it together. Patrick informed me we won’t have to put the equipment back together until a deep clean so that will save some time next brew day.

Finally we were ready to start the mash which involved a propane burner, water, grains, a pH meter and me asking John “What are you doing?!” every 10 minutes.

Four hours of turning valves, changing tubes, and me trying to eat hops (big mistake) the beer was ready to start fermenting and Bam! We are done for the day! …But not really… we had about another hour of clean up and Patrick explaining to me how to do certain things during fermentation.

All In All

Beer takes more work than mead but I equally enjoy doing both. Hanging out with my friends, drinking beer and also making it is something I love doing and wish I could do it everyday now! I might enjoy making beer more than I do mead now 😉 !!!

Man throwing a can of beer to another

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