Crawfish and 8 Stitches

Before things got really crazy with the pandemic, I hosted a crawfish boil to celebrate the end of my service of the Louisiana Army National Guard. The crawfish and company were great, but the best thing about the party was the beer Patrick, John and I brewed for the occasion.

I woke up early and picked up groceries using pick-up services – I was not going inside the store with all the commotion going on. After getting my order, I headed home to start chopping ingredients for the boil. Prepping everything was pretty quick! But once I was done, my mind was telling me how much I wanted to try our beer! But I couldn’t try it without Patrick there to adjust the draft system. So I played the waiting game!

Patrick and his wife Erin also woke up early to make meat pies for the party – and let me tell you, they were delicious! Patrick and Erin arrived around noon with the meat pies and it was finally time to pour our first pint of 8 Stitches Blonde Ale!

Patrick’s Homemade Meat Pies

Finally, Patrick was here and we were ready to try the beer! Kinda. We had to adjust the pressure on the draft system and do a few test pours to get through the foam. After some tinkering, we both had a cup full of 8 Stitches!

Erin drew up a sign for 8 Stitches while Patrick and I toasted his first brew in over a year, and my first brew ever! I think the beer came out great for a first go. The analysis of this batch received lower scores in flavor than other categories. Not because the flavor was bad, but it was rather subtle. The beer dried out more than we thought so it was lacking body. To combat the lack of body and flavor, we toyed around with adding slices of orange – this added some acid and sugars to the beer and made the flavor points go up. What shined the most was the hops. The hops really shone through and it was an all around decent beer with a great hoppy aroma and light flavor.

Now comes the crawfish. We bought 60 pounds for the occasion and hosted around 15-20 people. The pot I have is a little smaller than normal pots, I ended up boiling four batches of steaming hot crawfish. Each batch takes about 40 minutes to a hour depending on soak time.

Just the Veggies

Soak time is over and people are getting hungry the first batch!

We had Patrick’s software AleProof set up on a laptop in the shed and asked party-goers to analyze the beer between batches of crawfish.

Patrick explaining to a friend what the survey will tell us about 8 stitches.

We ran into a few surprises that day/night: The first being when we ran out of all 5 gallons of Danger Shed beer! So apparently we did something right. The next surprise was when we ran out of crawfish and had to make a run for another 40 pound sack! The last surprise came when our buddy somehow figured out how to enter his name into AleProof which completely baffled Patrick. It was pretty funny to watch Patrick as he scrambled through lines of code to figure out how that had happened!

John also surprised us with a few new Danger Shed decorations!

Awesome night with friends, crawfish, and 8 Stitches!

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