Night Vision Stargazer

The Danger Shed team has no fears…Some say they invented danger simply out of boredom. They dance with the devil and start bar fights with destiny.

…but that Coronavirus…they don’t mess with that.

That’s why Danger Shed has adopted social distance brewing! We asked ourselves…how can we keep pumping out beer while being socially responsible and safe? Easy. Patrick acts as the brewer during the day while nobody is home (except the pups), then Philip comes in at night and handles cellarman tasks. John has been doing some software work for AleProof from home and is growing one hell of a garden full of fantastic things that will inevitably end up in a Danger Shed beer or mead. On top of all that, Philip is whipping up some test batches of mead on his own.

Brew pups trying their hardest to sneak into the shed

That’s where our first batch of “solo” brewing comes in. Patrick headed over to the shed on Monday and whipped up a batch of our first dark beer – Night Vision Stargazer.

Grain bill includes 2-row, flaked oats, chocolate malt, crystal malt, and roasted barley – and of course, lactose!

Night Vision Stargazer is a milk stout named for the fantastically magical view of the night sky you get when looking up with night vision goggles. If you have ever had this experience, you’ll know that for every one hundred stars you can see with your own eyes, you can see a thousand through night vision.

Philip has taken over as cellarman and will be checking temps, recording data, and making adjustments throughout fermentation. All our data will be analyzed with AleProof (which is really starting to look great since John and Philip keep finding bugs for Patrick to fix).

This is not a joke….it was 106 degrees with the kettles rolling
Primary fermenting at 68F

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Brew Dangerously

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Welcome to Danger Shed...a side project started by three bros in a backyard. Philip makes the mead, Patrick brews the beer, and John keeps things dangerous. It’s going to be a wild ride.

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