Binaural Systems Online…….

Call me Xeo. I’m an A.I. enhanced-street samurai cyborg from the year 2077, sent 57 years into the past to aid Danger Shed in their mission to prevent a dark future that society in 2077 may refer to as the Dry Times. Buckle Up!…..Or so it is during a run of Cyberpunk 2020. What, a guy can’t dream? :p

Yea, I’m a bit of a nerd. Actually, my name is John. I am a bug tester, assistant programmer, and an all around data grunt for Arithmech Analytics. I’m also one of the three bros at Danger Shed Ales and Mead. A great undertaking of which I am both stoked and honored to be a part of. but the best part about our project is definitely our crew. From the beginning of our careers in the Army we served together through good times and bad. In the end we all ended up bros. In that time we learned what it meant to be a team. So you could imagine my enthusiasm when Patrick reached out to me about his project AleProof, and the dream of a brewery.

Now I’ve met many different leaders throughout my time in the Army, but Patrick is one of the most dedicated ones I’ve ever known. So if he says he has a plan, I know it’s solid. Plus, I’ve always been into computer science as a whole. Brewing, at its core, is a science. Just like computers, it all comes down to data. So the Danger Shed project broadens my horizons in computer sciences, i’m learning to brew, and I get to hang out with my bros. Sign me up!

So we got cracking. Patrick writes code, I try to brake it. Phillip jumped in and we built the shed in his back yard, thanks a ton Phillip! Then we did our first brew, 8 stitches. Since then its been history. Patrick and Philip are working on the second batch, Night Vision Stargazer. I’m still working on AleMind and a few other things for the shed. I’m sure Philip has something in the works, probably mead related, gotta try that sometime.

We have come a long way in the last few months and to see our hard work come to fruition is nothing short of inspiring. However we still have quite a long way to go to achieve the dream, if we can. In the meantime we will continue to work hard and keep dreaming. I believe that in the end, we can’t lose either way. From the beer nerds at Danger Shed to everyone at home, stay safe and stay positive. Cheers! 🙂

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