Danger Shed Work Day!

While we love our Danger Shed dearly – it needed some TLC. So we put down our mash paddles and picked up some power tools for a Danger Shed style work day. While this may have been another excuse to get the band together and drink some beer, we actually did end up getting a lot done over a few days. Check it out!

On brew days when the kettles are rockin’, the temp in the shed gets up to 110 degrees. Yeah, no good amigo.

So the first To-Do item on our list was wall and roof vents. Two in the back wall, and two in the roof above the kettles. Philip and I foolishly allowed Johnathan “Danger” Carter to wield a jig saw and amazingly he came away with all ten fingers intact.

The kegs got a paint job and replacement gaskets, deep clean on the glycol chiller, and new draft lines went into Tortuga (our draft box).

Next up was the gutters. Philip and I tackled this just in time for the tropical storm to hit. Gutters were a top priority since water from the house runs off right onto the roof of the shed, then behind the shed. The foundation was starting to erode away. Danger Shed is many things but crooked is not one of them – and we’d like to keep it that way.

Brew Dangerously

Published by Danger Shed

Welcome to Danger Shed...a side project started by three bros in a backyard. Philip makes the mead, Patrick brews the beer, and John keeps things dangerous. It’s going to be a wild ride.

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