Brewing As A Team

The first few brew days at Danger Shed were nothing less than a punk show mosh pit. The three of us were tripping over each-other, crushing empty beer cans in frustration, and turning what should have been a 6 hour brew day into a 9 hour hassle. Something needed to change.

Instead of treating Danger Shed as a backyard homebrew hangout – we shifted our way of thinking to mimic a professional brewery. Our (tiny) team now has a structure and each of us handles a specific aspect of the project. On brew day, Philip heads up the brewing with Patrick handling the yeast and analyzing fermentation with AleProof. John preps the shed and does general brewer’s assistant tasks to help out Philip. Fortunately, John is handy and also works on other projects – such as refurbishing the official Danger Shed bar!

The bar is coming together – Expect John to be slingin’ pints across it any day now

Last Sunday, we brewed the first iteration of our session beer series. This marks the first time that we implemented this new team structure and it turned out to be our best brew day so far, regardless of the 116F temp in the shed!

This is not staged…this is just plain stupid

Our new recipe, dubbed “H.A.F.” (Hot As …. uh…you know) is a low alcohol, easy drinking Pale Ale. We’ll be developing this recipe as our signature flagship ale so expect keg after keg of this beer to hit our taps.

Session mead on the left, session ale on the right – Dueling fermenters!

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Brew Dangerously

Published by Danger Shed

Welcome to Danger Shed...a side project started by three bros in a backyard. Philip makes the mead, Patrick brews the beer, and John keeps things dangerous. It’s going to be a wild ride.

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